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                Mike Johnson 
              Hughesville, PA


Lycoming County Beagle Club
My name is Mike Johnson and I live about 5 miles North of Hughesville, PA with  my wife and 2 sons.  I really enjoy to hunt and fish, but running beagles and/or foxhounds is my calling.  When I'm not with my family or in the woods, I am a Financial Consultant for First National Bank. 

Beagles have been a part of my family long before I was ever thought of.  My grandfather, George "Huck" Bartlow, had beagles which he used for rabbit hunting; I heard countless stories about him and saw dozens of old rabbit hunting photos. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away before I got a chance to meet him. I received my first beagle for my 12th birthday which ended up making a poor hunting dog. When I turned 18 my "now brother in law" Mike Frantz and I rode down to VA together to pick up a couple of pups. His ended up getting hit by a car and mine became FC Main Man Tucker. Tucker turned me into a rabbit hunting fool. I now judge AKC Field Trial events, I have judged over 100 AKC trials to date. I have been an Eastern Director for the PA Beagle Gundog Asscociation and past President of the Lycoming County Beagle Club. 

I strive to breed for a hunting dog first and foremost.  I breed for the complete hound, a jump dog that is naturally trash proof, run to catch no matter the conditions, and bring the game back to the gun with no down time, as fast as possible. I also want a beagle to be good looking, especially running gear. I mainly cottontail hunt, but I do hunt hare many times a year. My hounds must perfrom well in bad conditions as well as good, and a snow hound is a must. The dogs and pups out of my kennel should compete well within the Northeast Beagle Gundog Federation. I have pups and running dogs for sale at times.