Huck's Run Beagles
 - About Us -

My name is Mike Johnson and I live just North of Hughesville, PA with  my wife and our 4 children.  We enjoy the outdoors, but running beagles and/or foxhounds is my calling.  When I'm not with my family or in the woods, I am a Financial Advisor for First National Bank. 

Beagles have been a part of my family long before I was ever thought of.  My grandfather, George "Huck" Bartlow, had beagles which he used for rabbit hunting; I heard countless stories about him and saw dozens of old rabbit hunting photos. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away before I got a chance to meet him.   I got my first beagle pup in 1996 and since then I've developed a deep passion for these little hounds.   I  judge AKC Field Trial events and have judged over 100 AKC Licensed trials to date.  I've also been  an officer of the Lycoming County Beagle Club for over 12 years. 

Our goal is to better the breed, and we breed for the complete hound in every sense. Before we put a puppy through our training program the pup must have a rock solid foundation in health, temperament, personality, and confirmation.  Our next step is molding that puppy into a top notch hunting dog.  The dogs that come out on top in our training program typically finish quickly as FIELD CHAMPIONS and are used in our breeding program.  These elite beagles that enter in our breeding program  must have hard hunt, big nose, honest mouth, and BRAINS.  We want to run no matter the conditions, PERIOD.  Run it when you can, walk it if you have to.  My hounds must perform well in bad conditions as well as good, and a snow hound is a must. The dogs and pups out of our kennel should compete well within most gun-dog field trials in the North East.